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Innocent Steps: k-movie

Innocent Steps


Jang Chae-ryn (Moon Geun Young)

Na Young-sae (Park Gun Young)

Jang Chae-min (Moon Geun Young's sister)



My Little Bride's Moon Geun Young slips on her dancing shoes for The Innocent Steps, a heartwarming motion picture about innocent love and the power of dance! In this second film from director Park Young Hun (Addicted), teen star Moon plays Jang Chae Rin, a young Korean girl from the poor Chinese town of Yanbian. When her dance champion sister bows out of an upcoming national dancing competition in Seoul, Chae Rin poses as her sister and attends the event in her place. One problem: Chae Rin has zero dancing experience!

Co-starring in this winning romance is Park Geon Hyeong (DMZ) who plays her dance partner, Na Young Sae. As a former member of South Korea's national dance team, Young-Sae exudes professionalism, refusing to get involved with the film's beautiful heroine. But as their practices continue, a bond between the two soon develops, as she learns not only how to dance from Young Sae, but how to love as well. But what happens when the villainous Jeong Hyeon su (Yoon Chan) enters the picture and tries to break them apart? Will their budding romance survive?

As with her previous hit film, My Little Bride, Moon Geun Young wins over her audiences with her loveable, wide-eyed charisma, but this time around, she brings with her a level of maturity that might surprise viewers. Critically-acclaimed for his performance in the local stage version of Saturday Night Fever, Park Geon Hyeong acquits himself well as the male lead, sure to win the hearts of female viewers with his dancing skills and winning good looks. Fans of old-fashioned love stories with a contemporary sensibility won't go wrong with The Innocent Steps, an entertaining romance that'll make you want to dance the night away!



What I Think:

I have been wanting to watch this movie for months…and now I got to see it already! I just like Moon Geun Young because she is such a great young actress. MGY is 18yo and Park Gun Young is like 25yo, but surprisingly they have such good chemistry. Park Gun Young is tall, but when Moon Geun Young hugs him and places her hands around him, they're almost of the same height; she's quite tall too. She can cry easily, and can be funny too. They look good together!

There are some scenes that you have to watch out for, like when Jang Chae-ryn arrives in Young-sae's apartment and she's wearing this kid socks, then Young-sae looks at her and says "You wear socks with those shoes?"

When the manager slaps Chae-ryn when he knew she's not Chae-min. Moon Geun Young is such a good actress, she can cry easily.

When Young-sae gives Chae-ryn a piggyback home, she went to dance in the red light district and stuff. Gun-Young did the piggyback effortlessly! Man!

When Young-sae said "If you don't lose that accent, I'll send you back to Sangdoo." I swear my eyes lit up when I heard the word sangdoo!! Hahaha!! The things Rain and Lee dong gun do to me. Hehheh…

When Chae-ryn says "What do I call you now that we're married? I can't call you ajushi." Young-sae dismisses her, just saying Aish!! And walked away. She called "Honey!!! Sweetie!!"

The dance competition where Chae-ryn competed. That other guy she danced with is quite a looker too. Hehehee...he just have to lose his dyed hair, he looks quite good.

Rating: 8 Korean Kimchis out of 10

Music Playing in the Background: Twenty Four- Switchfoot


Jang Chae-ryn (Moon Geun Young)

Na Young-sae (Park Gun Young)

Jang Chae-min (Moon Geun Young's sister)






Official Site:


What I Think:

I have been wanting to watch this movie for months…and now I got to see it already! I just like Moon Geun Young because she is such a great young actress. MGY is 18yo and Park Gun Young is like 25yo, but surprisingly they have such good chemistry. Park Gun Young is tall, but when Moon Geun Young hugs him and places her hands around him, they're almost of the same height; she's quite tall too. She can cry easily, and can be funny too. They look good together!

There are some scenes that you have to watch out for, like when Jang Chae-ryn arrives in Young-sae's apartment and she's wearing this kid socks, then Young-sae looks at her and says "You wear socks with those shoes?"

When the manager slaps Chae-ryn when he knew she's not Chae-min. Moon Geun Young is such a good actress, she can cry easily.

When Young-sae gives Chae-ryn a piggyback home, she went to dance in the red light district and stuff. Gun-Young did the piggyback effortlessly! Man!


When Young-sae said "If you don't lose that accent, I'll send you back to Sangdoo." I swear my eyes lit up when I heard the word sangdoo!! Hahaha!! The things Rain and Lee dong gun do to me. Hehheh…

When Chae-ryn says "What do I call you now that we're married? I can't call you ajushi." Young-sae dismisses her, just saying Aish!! And walked away. She called "Honey!!! Sweetie!!"


The dance competition where Chae-ryn competed. That other guy she danced with is quite a looker too. Hehehee...he just have to lose his dyed hair, he looks quite good.


Rating: 8 Korean Kimchis out of 10





Hi everyone, since most of you are looking for the songs,

the samba song second song played in the competition,

the rhumba song played when they were practicing,

the chacha song played in the closing credits, sang by Jessica Jay who also sang the song “Chichiquita” with Filipino actress, Marian Rivera.


Download just left click on link:

Kang Eun Soo - 1000 Years

Moon Guen Young sings OST Evening Promise – Evening Promise

Jessica Jay sings Chilly Cha Cha - Chilly cha Cha



Samba Song: Chilli featuring Carrapicho - Tic, Tic Tac

Do you really wanna know what the boys wanna show?

bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta (4x)

Do you really wanna know 'bout the boys from the show?
Yes I wanna know 'bout the boys from the show
Do you, do you, do you really wanna know what the boys from the show?
Yes I wanna know 'bout the boys from the show

Well it's about that time - for us to get down
Hips up and down - work it all around
Don't be afraid - don't bend your knees
And do what you're pleased

bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta

I always look for loving in my life
I'm always ripe for falling in love
Come on and sing with me, come on and dance with me
Now's the time for falling in love

bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta


I see you dancing up a storm when you go out with your friends
Yes, it's worth the living in your deepest sense
Would you like to get off when the music is bad?
And I was thinking to myself, "Hmm, what I could do with that"
A game is a crown, I love the way you break it down
And it wouldn't surprise me if you got around
You're so good and I really like your style
So let's chill for awhile

bagi-bagi, tambo (2x)
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta


Is it that time for us to get down?
Yes, it's time for us to get down

Is it really that time for us to get down?
Yes, it's time for us to get down
Now - ladidadi we like to party
Who likes to party? We like to party!
Now - ladidadi we like to pary
Who likes to party? We like to...

bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta
bagi-bagi, tambo, tequierro Chiqui Chiqui ta (2x)




Rhumba Song: 1000 Years by Kang Eun Soo

Kang Eun Soo- 1000 Years

Moment, you came to my heart just by chance
To me you don't seem to be a stranger
It was so long for you to finally find me

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,
We will stand for 1000 years

Sometimes i know it will not be easy with you
Until then i will pray for our true love
Don't ever forget, my love
We will be together

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,
We will stand for 1000 years

Don't say i don't want to hear you say good bye
Please promise me you will always be my love, my love

For 1000 years I’ve been waiting for you
More than million tears fall in eternal love
Remember forevermore,
We will stand for 1000 years



Cha Cha song: Chilli Cha Cha by Jessica Jay

* Baila chilly cha cha baila chilly cha
Dance your chilly dance your cha cha baila chilly cha cha
Dance so feel your body hot you got another shot
Feel your body shake your body hot

[Repeat * , *]

Baila baila chilly cha cha senorita
Baila baila chilly cha cha senor
I give you another chance, you can clap your hands
Shake your body chilly cha cha dance

** Baily baily baily baily baila
And dance and dance and dance and dance and dance
So feel your body hot you got another shot
Now you can dance your chilly cha cha stop

*** Ay Ay Ay, this chilly cha cha muy bonito
Ay Ay Ay, lo que siento en el corazon
Ay Ay Ay, this chilly cha cha calentito
Ay Ay Ay, to dos le bailan si senor

Chilly cha cha

[Repeat * , *]

[Repeat ** , ***]

Dance your cha cha, si



credits:yesasia, asianfanatics, 4shared


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I'm Sorry I Love You: K-series

I’m Sorry I Love You


Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sup)

Fastidious, rough, bad-mouthing, hot tempered, once he goes crazy, he goes to the end. 
He fights often, never get defeated. 
He tells a lie more often than truth. He calls himself a dog. 
(But nobody knows actually he is warm, tender like a lamb) 
Moo Hyuk was abandoned as soon as he was born, adopted to Austrailia at 2 years old. 
His another name is Danny Anderson. 
He was ill-treated by the foster father, ran away from home at 10, met a clown on the street, served him as a father. 
Lived together for 5 years, then the clown daddy ran away with a blondie. 
This is his life, keep being abandoned. 

Song Eun Chae (Im Soo Jung)

She has pure and sincere heart. 
Her idol is Juliette who followed Romeo to die. 
She always dream of such fantastic but tragic love. 
And her this dream come true... 
She has been lived in Yoon's house from she was born. 
She is the stylist of Yoon, famous singer. 
She loves Yoon, but she cannot confess, even though she can die for Yoon.

Oh Dul Hee/Yoon’s Mother (Lee Hye Young)

Mother of Yoon, Moohyuk and Seokyung. 
Famous actress in 70s. 
Her name Oh Dul Hee came from Audrey Hepburn. 
Differet from her luxurious out-looking, 
she is ignorant, crude, talkative, vulgar, desultory .... and innocent.

Choi Yoon (Jung Kyung Ho)

Top singer of Korea, has genius musical talent. 
Eunchae is his personal assistant and childhood friend, they grew up together

Kang Min Joo (Seo Ji Young)

Also a famous singer, multi entertainer. 
Her family is rich and powerful in political field, is a big flirt but eventually dated Yoon s he is crazy about her

Seo Kyung (Jeon Hye Jin)

Moohyuk's twin sister. 
She is pure simple and innocent as child. 
She has one son, doesn't know who is father. 
Has 7 year-old mental state, 1 year younger than his 8 year-old son. 
She is learning Korean character from son.

Official Site:

Soompi Thread:

Other Titles: MISA, Mianhada Saranghada, Sumimaseng-Aishteru, Bu Ke Qi-Wo Ai Ni


What I Think:

Okay I think I have a new entry in my top 5 fave k-series!! Wopee!! I have always wanted to watch this series because of I am a big fan of Im Soo Jung and So Ji Sup maybe. The first series of SJS that I saw was “Glass Shoes” and man he rocked with Kim Hyun Joo! Then I saw him in Memories in Bali… everyone was loving JIS because he was rich, powerful, childish and handsome while SJS was so sullen and wooden, barely smiles. I said, I need to see SJS in a series where he is not this wooden! So I checked MISA.

First episode and I was like ‘I LOVE SO JI SUP!! SO JI SUP MANIA STARTS HERE!!” I just love him here! He looks so good with Im Soo Jung! This is one of a few series where its 4 main stars look good together, whoever they’re with.

Eunchae and Moohyuk look good together.

Eunchae and Yoon look good together too.

Moohyun and Minjoo look good together too.

Minjoo and Yoon look good together too.

Now you see why this series is already in my top 3 fave series (for the moment). This is such a good series!!

Some wonderful scenes:

** Moohyuk’s prayer.. I remember it went this way, that if god will let her (Eunchae) stay by his side till he dies, he will forget all the revenge and hatred he felt for his mom. I LOVE MOOHYUK’S PRAYER!

** Where Moo Hyuk just hugged Eunchae in the middle of traffic. This is my most fave scene!! He reckons she feels cold, so he used his jacket to cover both of them from the cold. He hugged her and she just held on to his hands.

** Moo Hyun and Minjoo’s kissing scenes in the elevator. Was that lust or what?! It’s freakin wet and man was so ji sup as good kisser or what!!

** The scenes where Yoon and Eunchae are walking down the street in Australia, they are just so close! They make me feel giddy! And where Yoon jut hugs Eunchae from behind, then she starts walking with him still holding her.

** In the hotel, where SJS kissed ISJ! I swear to god! It took him forever to touch her lips! They got lots lots of chemistry! Sparks are flying all over! Well what can I say; even SJS said in interviews that he likes kissing his co-star. hehehehe…

** Scenes where Eunchae stayed with Moohyuk and his family (twin sister and nephew), she teaches Galchi his homework, cooks, eats with them!! Ahhhhh!! So nice these scenes are!

**Where Yoon was in the hospital, his heartbeat starts to slow down when Eunchae lets go of his hand, he just holds her hand there, Moohyuk went in and just holds Eunchae’s other hand and she rests her head on his shoulders and sleeps. This was a nice scene!!

** Scenes where Moohyuk and Eunchae went away and stayed in a place together. Eunchae wanted him to sleep next to her in bed. He hesitates but ends up sleeping next to her though.

LOL! And all the romantic moments at the beach! Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee have these similar beach scenes in Love Story in Harvard! Just like KTH, I like Im Soo Jung cause she has no hesitations to hug and kiss her guy! Aish! Song Hye Kyo doesn’t have any scenes like these you see.

Rating: 9 Korean Kimchis out of 10

Other Stuff:

** MOO HYUK’S PRAYER: This is such a nice prayer! I cried myself to crap just listening to this!

Lord, if you really do exist, I promise you, Song Eun Chae, If you let her be beside me for rest of my time, If you let her comfort me for the time I have left, If you don't hurt me again, I'll give up my life right now. My hatred, anger, i'll throw them away, and quietly die! Lord, I make the promise with you.

** This series not only has a wonderful story, it also has a wonderful, all-star OST! But I don’t know which OST I got!! Track 3 of my ost is my fave, Snow Flower, Track 5 is Wherever you will go by The Calling. Track 11 is the main theme instrumental, which I like. Track 18 is Talk to Me by Machan. Track 19 is also a main theme. So what do you think which is my ost track list? I think it is a combination of both…oh lordie….

OST 1 
1. Intro 
2. Snow flower - Park Hyo Shin 
3. Back to first time - Jeong Jae Wook 
4. Someone is living in my heart - J 
5. One day has passed - Bada 
6. Please go back - Jeong Jae Wook 
7. Giant - J 
8. Flying without Wings - Westlife 
9. Precious person - Kim Seong Pil 
10. Erased memory - Lee So Jeong 
11. Wherever you will go - The Calling 
12. Back to first time (Instrumental) 
13. One day has passed (Instrumental) 
14. Snow flower (Instrumental) 
15. Outro 
OST 2 
01. Main Title 
02. Eunchai and Moohyuk's first kiss 
03. Snow flower (Acoustic Ver.) - Seo Young Eun 
04. In Melbourn street 
05. The last choice 
06. Yoon, it's all right (Eunchai's naration) 
07. A precious person - Yoon 
08. Son and mom 
09. The Stranger 
10. Moohyuk's prayer 
11. I promise you (Moohyuk's naration) 
12. Snow flower (Acoustic Ver.)(Instrumental) 
13. A Destiny 
14. The truth 
15. Eunchai's room 
16. Eunchai's confession (Eunchai's naration) 
17. ¼³·¹ÀÓ (a flutter) 
18. Mom's picture 
19. Talk To Me - Machan 
20. Hidden times 
Others not in OST 
Tell me all about it - papermoon 
The stranger - Billy Joel 

The best scenes that Jisub & Sujeong pick

Korea Herald Economy news 01:05:06, 29 December, 2004]

Jisub picks the scene that he's eating ramyun, and Sujeong picks the street scene."

SoJisub and ImSujeong pick their own best scenes of KBS2's mini series drama ¡®I'm sorry, I love you¡¯(described as *Misa below) that ended on the 28th.

Two had not had many chances to get together except when they were taping, but this time they got together with all the crew, having a meal together at a restaurant near KBS building on the 28th to celebrate the finale of Misa. Here they talked about the scenes that they thought most impressive. 
Jisub picked the scene that Muhyok was eating ramyun that Oh Deulhee cooked, appeared in the last episode that was broadcasted on the 28th.

Jisub felt this scene was so touching. Muhyok finds out that Choi Yun is not a biological son to Deulhee and she adopted Yun because she felt guilty for the child(or children: she doesn't even know they were twins in the episode) who was abandoned. In fact, she does not seem to find out till the end of the drama if Muhyok was the abandoned child nor was Seogyong. Muhyok finally forgives Deulhee after finding out that he was not abandoned by Deulhee but she was said that the baby (ies) were dead as soon as born. In this scene, Muhyok asks her to fix some food for him saying he's hungry. The scene shows that he forgives the mother and eats ramyun with tears poured out but covering his mouth and leaves Deulhee's house hastily without revealing her that he's the baby who was said to be dead.

Other than this scene, Jisub also mentioned some scenes of kissing in the elevator with Im,Sujeong(Eunchae) and with Seo,Jiyoung(Minju), indirectly telling that he felt good with the romance with these two women.

Credits: soompi forums, yahoo korea, yesasia

Music Playing in the Background: Fly to the Sky- Condition of My Heart


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Once Upon a Time in High School: K-movie

Once Upon A Time in High School:

The Legend of Jeet Kwan Doo



Kwon Sang-Woo as Kim Hyun-soo
Han Ga-In as Kang Eun-ju
Lee Jung-Jin as Kim Woo-sik
Park Hyo-jun as Hamburger
Kim In-Gweon as Stabber
Lee Jong-Hyeok as Jong-hoon
Kim Bu-Seo as Sung-choon
Cheon Ho-Jin
Baek Bong-Gi

Official Site:


A model student transfers to a notorious Jungmoon High School!
In the spring of 1978, Hyun-soo transfers to Jungmoon High School in Kangnam where his mother thinks the land price will skyrocket due to the development of the area. Yet, Jungmoon High School is notorious for its severe corporal punishment by teachers and power struggles between school gangs. On the first day, he gets spanked with an aluminum baseball bat for violating the school's dress code. Then, one day, he plays basketball with his classmates and helps his team to a victory, which allows him to become chummy with Woo-sik, a kingpin of the school. Before long, they find out that they both are huge fans of Bruce Lee and become best friends.

He got so easily what I had desired so badly.
After school, on the bus, Hyun-soo and Woo-sik see a girl who resembles Olivia Hussey, the most popular foreign actress in Korea at that time. Her name is Eun-ju, a senior at nearby girls high school. Both fall in love with her at first sight. Hyun-soo is gentle and kind, while Woo-sik is tough and charismatic. Knowing Woo-sik is so different from her, she can't help but become attracted to him.

To hell with the school!
Hyun-soo endures the pain of his secret love for Eun-ju. However, Eun-ju and Woo-sik begin to bicker over petty things. While she's in pain over Woo-sik cheating on her, Hyun-soo sees a chance to win her heart. In the meantime, Woo-sik and Jong-hoon, a student patrol captain, get into a fight. In the duel, Jong-hoon cheats and beats up Woo-sik, who leaves school in the aftermath of his defeat. With Woo-sik gone, Jong-hoon abuses his power as student patrol captain and bullies whoever gets in his way. Hyun-soo falls into an Inferior Class, and Jong-hoon keeps bullying him. The corporal punishment and favoritism by the teachers gradually become worse. To make matter worse, Eun-ju chooses Woo-sik over him. Driven to the wall, Hyun-soo explodes. With nunchakus tucked in the back of his pants, he goes up to the roof after Jong-hoon.


Credits:, yesasia, spcnet



What I Think:

I have heard about this movie and people say it is actually a good one. I just finished watching “Taekgukgi” and “ My tutor friend” then so I was thinking, okay I am having too much action here…so this movie completely evaded me. But I have wanted to watch it coz Lee Jung-jin is in it, (I just love him! Que zas que zas que zas!) and I haven’t seen any movies of Han Ga In, this was the first movie where I saw her act. Plus Kwon Sang-woo is the lead.

I have seen quite a few KSW movies and I didn’t like them all much, lousy storylines that’s why. By far, the one KSW movie that I thought was okay was “Love so Divine” but alleluia!!! I now have my favorite Kwon Sang-woo movie of all time! “Once upon a time in High School!” Yeah!


The movie’s theme is so heavy and serious I cannot even begin to write about it so I will just re-post what il_mare posted in her review in spcnet:

“ … The interplay of power among the different kingpins, the average student trying to survive and how each tried to take different sides for their personal benefit and all these scenes seemed to be a reflection of society at large then. The violent methods in the name of upholding strict school discipline were graphic and brutal. The teacher's teaching methods made me sick….”


Must-watch scenes:

1. Intro where the teacher yells to his students “You single-celled amoebas!” Omfg I was laughing so hard in that scene!

2. The running game where 2 hot oppas, oh by god! LJJ and KSW are running against each other. KSW won,he was first in line. Hottttt!

3. Basketball game versus jung-hoon. That game was really hot and rockin! KSW, LJJ and basketball, it can’t get any hotter than this.

4. Disco scene: With LJJ in a wig (I thought he changed hairstyle there…) hitting with the ladies and KSW dancing… it was hella hot!

5. Woo-sik (LJJ) imitating Bruce Lee’s moves in the “Game of Death” he looked cool there actually. I love just love staring at him!

6. Rain scene: When Eun-ju (HGI) shared with Hyun-soo his umbrella because she’s wet from the rain. He was surprised when she just popped out of nowhere. J  and they shared a bus ride home,he gave her his umbrella.

7. Second Disco Scene: where LJJ kisses HGI, woah was he working on that deep kiss or what! A pro is working at it!

8. KSW and HGI are dating, omg KSW is really good at playing the guitar too huh? He got the right chords; I closely watched the chords of the guitar. He is one good guitar player!

9. Woo-sik and Jung-hoon fighting at the rooftop. 

10. Hyun-soo and Jung-hoon fighting at the rooftop. 


I like one line here in the movie, where KSW said” Woo-sik gets so easily what I desired so badly” when he knew that woo-sik was already dating eun-ju. I just want to hug him, he just gets cold feet and cant tell eun-ju he likes her.


I must say, KSW and LJJ looks hot in gym clothes, jersey pants and shirts! Jeeez man! I am reminiscing the scene in Love Story In Harvard where Lee jung-jin was wearing his gym shorts and shirt while playing basketball, with the music Que zas playing in the backround! Awwww! Both KSW and LJJ looks even hotter in shorter hairstyle! And Han Ga In is  so pretty too, she has nice big, expressive eyes and cute nose too. 

Lee Jong-Hyeok who plays Jong-hoon (Edward of Green Rose) looks old,I dunno..but I think he does.


The ending, well the girl always chooses the bad boy, HGI ended up with LJJ.  


Rating: 9 Korean Kimchis out of 10

credits: yesasia, spcnet, asianfantics


Music Playing in the Background: Gravity- Fly to the Sky

Sunday, September 04, 2005
The Romantic President: K-movie

The Romantic President



Choi Eun-soo (Choi Ji-woo)

Han Min-wook (Ahn Sung-ki)

Han Young-hee (Im Soo Jung)


Official Site:



Choi Eun-soo (Choi Ji-woo) is an upright teacher who sees to the needs of her students. After one of her female students, Han Young-hee ( Im Soo Jung) catches her attention, the best she can do is call her father, Han Min-wook (Ahn Sung-ki). However this turns out to be quite a complicated task because her father is not just nother parent but the President of Korea! Even though Min-wook does not agree with Eun-soo’s view about his daughter’s behavior, he finds himself attracted to her. A sa result, he invites her for another meeting to confess his love for her.




What I Think:

When I saw the posters of this movie, I was thinking hey Choi Ji-woo looks so cute here, with her hair cut so short, and the storyline sounds okay too…so yeah I got around to watching it. I just don’t know how to start this review. Aish.


Okay so Choi Ji-woo looks absolutely cuter here with her short hair, shorter than her hair in “Winter Sonata” or in “Stairways to Heaven” and Im Soo Jung looks soooooo young here! I cannot believe that they are both Korean wave super stars now! In this movie, you’ll see how old Choi Ji-woo already is! Imagine here she’s Im Soo-jung’s teacher! Jeez man!


Some nice scenes: when President Han and Eun-soo argued bout the lyrics of the Oriole song! That was a bit funny. Another was when Young-Hee said to her guy friend “I just want to be rained on” then the guy got into his car and rammed the car right onto the fire hydrant, the water just went splashing all over the place like a fountain and she had the biggest smile. That was sweet really. Another was when President Han and Eun-soo tried to run away from his bodyguards, the scene looked fun for them, amusing to me.


I dig happy yeah this movie is just okay. No chemistry of some kind whatsoever between Choi Ji-woo and Ahn Sung-ki. You get to see Im Soo-jung so plain-looking cause she’s still so young here. I just didn’t feel anything after watching this movie, that kind of feeling I got when I watched My Little Bride, The Classic, Daddy Long Legs, Jenny Juno. This movie is just so-so, I am tired of its storyline too, absolutely no chemistry between the 2 leads, I have seen this storyline one too many.



Rating: 6 Korean Kimchis out of 10



Music Playing in the Background: Kim Jong Gook-One Man

Saturday, September 03, 2005
Save the Last Dance for Me: K-series

Save the Last Dance For Me



Eugene ( Sandy Ji Eunsoo)
She owns a small pension with her father in KangWonDo. She acts as the wife of the pension who is bright and healthy. One day a guy falls into her hands. Its Hyunwoo who had lost his memory in a car accident. Eunsoo and her father with a kind heart brought him to their pension and gave him the name 'ChangHo'. She falls in love with him and they have a engagement party promising that their love will be forever. But with happiness, misfortune comes. On the day of her engagement party, her dad dies of cancer. The only person left by her side is ChangHo. But in a few days ChangHo disappears. Eunsoo gave up all hope because she lost the 2 people she loved the most. She waited for ChangHo but the more she did her pain and wound grew. And like that time passes day she was on her way to meet her friend JangMi at Global Chemistry when she sees someone that looks like ChangHo. This guy has good manners and is good looking...but when Eunsoo looks at him again and again she is sure that its ChangHo but everyone else calls him Kang HyunWoo.



Ji Sung (Kang HyunWoo)
He is the son of Global Group's Chairman, Chairman Kang. He is also the heir of Global Chemistry. Since he was born he lived as a prince but he wants to go through a road he never went before instead of the life that has been set for him.
He also knows why his father wants him to marry SooJin. He thinks that there will be no women that will love him so its better if he marries someone with the same status as him; with money and a good family.
One day after having a fight with is father he takes out the car and drives to KangWonDo. He gets involved in a car accident that was set up by Taemin and looses his memory. He recovers in the pension 'Koom KooNun Soup'. While he is there he falls in love with Eunsoo. Taemin finds out about HyunWoo whereabouts so he makes up a plot with hooligans and because of this plot HyunWoo gets into an accident. Because of this accident he memory comes back. He returns as Kang Hyunwoo from a year ago at the time of the accident. He lost all his memory of Eunsoo and the Pension and the memory that he once loved her. He returns to his house and goes with the plans of marrying SooJin but his heart hurts because there's someone thats keeping popping into his head. When Eunsoo appears like fate, he starts getting attracted to her.


Kim BoYung (Celine Yoon SooJin)
Daughter of Seoul Financial Business Chairman, Chairman Yoon. She has the talent in everything. She had loved HyunWoo because he was the perfect fiance but when he disappears after the car accident everyone believes that he had died. But Soojin refuses to believe that and believes that HyunWoo is still alive and Park Yunsah thinks that her behavior is for her love to HyunWoo.
God returns Hyunwoo to Soojin but because of his different personality she thinks that there was another girl in his forgotten memory and as a girl gets jealous. When Eunsoo appears, her princess personality disappears. She turns from a nice girl to a evil one, from weak to strong. She hates Eunsoo who changed her this way.


Yoo SooYung (Jung Tae Min)
He is Global Group's Lawyer.
Chairman Kang while he was married to his former wife in his younger years has meet lots of women and one of those women was TaeMin's mother. But Chairman Kang had picked HyunWoo's mom. Taemin's mom was abandoned and Taemin grew up with revenge in his heart. He had become successful and hidden his real identity and became a lawyer for Global Group. He is always trying to plot something evil for his step brother/rival HyunWoo; Hyunwoo's accident. They had confirmed Hyunwoo's corpse but Hyunwoo returns. In relief he comes back without knowing that the Car accident was a plot when he was watching his back, a girl that appears was Eunsoo.

At first he thought Eunsoo was going for HyunWoo's money but after seeing that HyunWoo was interested in her, he tries to get Eunsoo on his side. At this situation he finds out first that Eunsoo is the girl that HyunWoo can't remember. Using that information he carries out his plan. As he spends time with her like that he starts to fall in love with her.

Credits: sungie79 of soompi




One day in my life one person, one love approached me like an car accident
I really loved him...
One day he disappears and returns but what if he can't recognize you?
a girl who is in pain because of the forgotten love...
a guy who feels a new love in an unfamiliar girl who is always looking at him in a familiar way...
There love has started again but...
But there destiny starts to break in front of them...

Due an accident HyunWoo, an heir of 'Maple' group, gets amnesia and spends his time recovering in a small Pension in KangWonDo. He falls in love with a girl who saved his life. Like the Alphs girl Heidi , Eunsoo portrays a sad and beautiful love story.


Official Site:




What I Think:

This series has a wonderful storyline. Jisung and Eugene have great chemistry, and it is just wonderful that GM Jung Tae Min loves Ji Eunsoo that he goes out of his way help her without her even knowing.

Yoon SooJin is also good as the brat ex-fiancee of Kang HyunWoo, I think she is very pretty, prettier than Eugene, I want to hate her but cant seem too. She is just annoying really.

Eugene Kim, ahhh I just like her with SES, love her songs too and it is just amazing that she can actually act too. Ji Sung is another revelation, I have not heard of him before I watched SDLD, the first time I saw him I didn’t like him that much but when I saw him in SDLD every perception I have of him just changed, I got to like him. He is a good actor too.



Rating: 9 Korean Kimchis out of 10



Other Stuff:

Download some songs here. Left click, a window will open, let the file buffer and download. Save as file after downloading.

01. Give My Love (Main Title)(English Version) - Edward Chun

02. Our Love Will Always Last (English Version) - Edward Chun

08. Everything (Andrew's Song) - Edward Chun

19. Give My Love (Main Title)(Korean Version) - Soo Ho Sung



I just absolutely love the OST!! I have not seen or heard Edward Chun before this! I reckon he is a Chinese singer who speaks perfect English. J I am posting the following lyrics


Give My Love (English) - Edward Chun

My Dream – Eugene

Our Love Will Always Last (English Version) - Edward Chun



Performed by: Edward Chun

When I look in your eyes I can see that you
Wanna be with me but you're so scared
And I don't know what to to say or do
But the tears keep falling in your eyes
And I know that times won't change my love
And I can't do nothing to keep you

(Oh/Now) I'll give my love oh when I hold you tight
Give my love through kisses oh so bright
And you know that I can't change my life
Take my love all through the night

As the hours pass away
You think that love ain’t here to stay
Feel a beat from your chest
But you don’t give doubt a moment’s rest
You dream the future and all you see is dark
Listen to your heart, baby, the truth will set sparks

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I'll give my love away when I hold you tight
Give my love through kisses oh so bright
And you know that time won't change my life
Take my love all through the night

(Repeat Chorus)



My Dream – Eugene (OST- The last dance is with me)

Nah han chahm eul mung ha ni
Hohn ja suh seul peum eh jahm gyuh oom jik il soo ga ub suht jo
Nah gahm sash nah jo duhn ddah ddeut han geuh deh eh sohn gil neh geh suh dduh nah gahl ggah bwah~

Geuh deh neun un jeh nah chuh ruhm sahl myuh shi nah reul cha jah wah
Mah chi ahmoo il ub deuh shi neh geh hengbok han miso jeet jo

Gee peun jahm ee deul ddeh ggah ji neh gyut cheul ji kyuh mahn joo duhn
Geuh deh eh soom gyul ee~
Nah nuhmoo nah geuh ri wuh yo

Weh kuh juh mahn gah neun ji
Ahmoo doh gi uhk hae jool soo ub neun geuh ruhn sarang een deh
Nah muhm chool soo gah ub jo
Mae il bahm nah doh mo reuh geh geuh deh reul cha jag a neun guhl~
Gah ggeum eun ahmoo mahl ub shi pyun ahn hee neh poom eh ahn gyuh
Nuhmoo eek sook han mahl too roh neh geh sarang eul sohk sahk ee jo

Uh neuh she ah cheem ee oh myun geuh deh sah rah juh buh reel ggah
Gohn ee jahm eun geuh deh~
Nah bah rah mahn bo gohn ha jo

Jo ah ssuh jo geuh deh wah hahm ggeh ji neht dduhn
Mahn eun nahl deul mahn neh geh young won ha geht jo
Geuh deh neun un jeh nah chuh ruhm
Sahl myuh shi nah reul cha jah wah

Mah chi ahmoo il ub deuh shi neh geh
Hengbok han misohl jeet jo
Gee peun jahm ee deul ddeh ggah ji
Neh gyut cheul ji kyuh mahn joo duhn
Geuh deh eh soom gyul ee~ Nah nuhmoo nah geuh ri wuh yo~



Our Love Will Always Last (English Version) - Edward Chun

As we walk this land
Side by side, hand in hand
I know that some clouds may pass
But if we hold on tight
And love with all our might
Then the thorns in our life will never last
And the roads may sometimes be unpaved
You may think that our love can not be saved
Though the world out there
May be cold to all we share
I have you, to take me through the night
And if we hold on tight
And stay true to all that’s right
Then baby, our love will always last…

See the sunrise in the sky
Kiss the sunset as we lie
At night, I’ll never leave your side
But I know someday
I’ll be gone, and you’ll be gray
Oh, darling, wish that I could heal your pain…

Though the world out there
May be cold to all we share
I have you, to take me through the night
And if we hold on tight
And stay true to all that’s right
Then baby, our love will always last…

And if we hold on tight, stay true to all that’s right
Then baby, our love will always last




------ summary ep. 20--------

HW saves the company. HW then visits his dad at the hospital, and tells his mom and sister that ES is the one who saved his life, and not the fony hired by TM.
HW, ES, JM, mr. park and ms. joo celebrate their success. HW's name plaque replaces TM's at global.
SG brings TM the newspaper with TM's story on the cover and tells TM their boat leaves tonight.

TM rushes out of the hotel room to see ES. ES says she doesn't have anything else to say to him but TM insists they talk and they talk by the river.
ES advices TM to turn himself in. TM asks ES to go with him since she once said to him she would be on his side.
ES replies at one point she was grateful toward him but now she resents him for hurting the person she loves.
TM says the one who lost all is him and not HW.. and he didnt do what he did out of greed, rather he was returning the wrong done against him.
ES states HW is her miraculous love and leaves. TM vows he will not rest until he returns the wrong done against him.

mr. park tells HW about TM's parents. mr. kang wakes up and asks for HW.
TM tells SG to drag HW infront of him. mr. kang tells HW the fall of se-jin-hwa was the fault of mr. joo and TM mistakely believes the kang family is to blame.
HW tells ES he must look for TM. SG overhears HW telling ES if she ever meets TM she must hold him there for him. SG approaches ES and tells her she's the only one who can stop TM's madness and asks her to go with him.
ES gets in the car with SG and tries to call HW but leaves a message instead. SG drops ES off by a warehouse and tells ES to tell TM he was his one and only friend.

TM is in the car waiting for HW and gets a call from SG saying the person he wanted is here. TM thinks it's HW and speeds up his car to hit HW.
just then ES gets a call from HW and she tells him she will tell him everything later but just as TM is about to collide with ES TM realizes it's ES not HW.
on the other side of the phone line, all HW hears is ES's voice, followed by phone drop sound, and nothing...
next day, JM meets with mr. park an mz. joo and they're all worried about ES. HW looks for ES everywhere too.

next scene...

TM is infront of a hospital. then TM sits by ES on a bench in the hospital basketball court. TM begs ES to tell HW everything and HW will understand.
ES replies she doesn't want to, and even though things are difficult for everyone right now, it's best that everyone forgets the past.

next scene (Oh my gosh)...

a nurse approaches ES with a wheelchair. ES is escorted onto her wheelchair and the nurse wheels ES away. ES wishes TM happiness and leaves.
TM calls out ES's name and cries in remorse.

as she's being wheeled away, ES silently tells HW she knows even if she returns to him as she is right now he will still love her but because of that she cannot return to him because he will be foolish enough to stay by herside.
TM is captured by police and taken to the station. HW arrives at the station and the police tells HW TM wanted to say 'i'm sorry' to HW.

HW goes back to 'dreamy forest' and wonders where in the world ES is.

--------( 1 year later )--------

mr. kang has recovered and the global group is doing well. mr. kang asks HW to consider working abroad for a year or two at the branch office. HW says he'll think about it.
HJ is still interested in TM, who is apparently looking for a new job.
mr. park is married to mz. joo who is pregnant.
HW still looks for ES everywhere whenever he can. he plans to go to kang-won provence next.

ES is working with disabled children. she is about to go on a trip with her boss.
HW gets a call saying they may have found someone in his description but when he arrives it wasn't ES.
HW sits alone on the beach and tosses a message in a bottle into the ocean. in it he begs ES to return.

ES is riding in the van and sees the ocean...and asks to stop by.
ES arrives just as HW leaves.

on the beach, ES sees a bottle riding the waves and remembers HW saying they won't need such thing because their wish of being with each other has already been granted.
ES wants to take a closer look at the bottle but confined to her wheelchair ES is unable to get up.

HW's dad tells him he should go abroad soon and if ES is his reason for staying he will hire someone to look for her.
HW gets a call and meets SJ, who's just returned from being in new york. the two are friends again and SJ invites HW to attend an art show tomorrow.

the kids ES works with have worked on a painting for the art show as well and they're going to seoul to see it displayed, but ES stays behind alone.
HW attends the art show and sees the children's art titled 'dreamy forest' and becomes breathless.

a man knocks on ES's door and says he was sent by ms. park saying she encountered some trouble getting the kids back so she needs her help.
ES agrees to go but becomes upset when the car approaches 'dreamy forest' instead.
ES is dropped off and HW comes out of the lodge.

ES tells HW not to pity her, and even if he found her nothing will change.
HW says he saw a beautiful picture of a place that taught him love... with the woman he made promise to infront of her father.
ES begins to weep and HW rushes to her side asking her why she was so foolish in thinking he would let her go so easily.
ES calls him a fool for not letting her go when given the chance.
HW says he will never let go of her hand and the two embrace in tears.

drama ends with HW trying to help ES walk with a crutch and ES being held in his arms after leaping a couple of steps.

drama end.


Credits: soompi, asianfanatics, starkoreans


Music Playing in the Background: Give My Love- Edward Chun

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
A Moment to Remember

A Moment to Remember


Kim Su-jin (Son Ye Jin)

Choi Chul-Soo (Jung Woo-Sung)



Nae Morisogae Chiugae" (A Moment to Remember), one of the latest tear-jerkers playing nationwide, a 27-year-old young woman named Su-jin is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) after marrying a carpenter who works for her father’s company.


Starring the popular and attractive Son Ye-jin as the young woman and the equally popular Jeong Woo-sung as the carpenter, the film is built on the premise that it is possible for someone so young to become stricken with an "old person’s disease" like AD.


Familial Alzheimer’s is extremely rare and may occur among those aged 30-60 years. But, as the name implies, it is hereditary. And although the youngest documented case was 28 years old, for Son Ye-jin’s character in "A Moment to Remember" to have come down with this form of dementia at the tender age of 27 is about as likely as her CEO father allowing her to marry a carpenter.


While both late-onset and familial AD are progressive illnesses that may last for up to 20 years or so, slowly developing from simple forgetfulness and mild depression, to full-blown loss of recognition and almost complete dependence on others for all daily tasks, familial AD, may also progress very quickly, with sufferers dying within a year. So it looks like Su-jin may just be one of the unluckiest people in the world.






What I Think:

By now, you all know that I love Son Ye Jin so much, she’s just so pretty and so angelic can’t help but like her…so I checked this movie out. I love what Chul-su told Su-jin in the beginning, “ When the memory’s gone, the soul’s gone too.”

This movie is actually a refreshing change because in this movie the girl goes out to pursue the guy she likes, she visits him in his work site (he is a foreman) and stuff. Unlike other romantic movies I have seen, the guy usually has the hard chasing the girl he likes; and you can’t figure out if they are already going out, you just see them holding hands and stuff. Su-jin and Chul-su kiss, hold hands, laugh and hug all the time. I love all the scenes of the 2 of thm together alone at home! J They’re so sweet.

My fave scenes:

1. All the scenes where Kim Su-jin is chasing Chul-su! Hilarious and so romantic!

2. Su-jin drinks the shot that Chul-su gave her, with soju dripping down her neck, and wetting her lips…Chul-su just looked at her and kissed her! Ahhhhh!!! J J J That scene was hottttt!

3. Chul-su does his famous card trick, then Su-jin picks the wrong card, he says “pay up!” then she’d get some make-believe money from her pocket, then he says no… then she kisses him! That was the payment he wanted hahah!

4. The wedding! Son Ye Jin would really make a beautiful wife for some lucky guy someday! She is so pretty!

5. Su-jin asks Chul-su if he wants a baby, they where hugging in the sofa. What they said to each other made me cry a loottttttt! Wahhhh!

Su-jin said “Do it for me.”

He said “What?”

Su-jin: “That.”

Chul-su: “ You mean the “in-and-out thing?” *with a naughty smile on his face*

Su-jin: “ The card trick…”  OHHHHH!


6. When Chul-su found out she has Alzheimer’s disease and they had a talk in the baseball batting range. I cried a bucket of tears there!

7. Chul-su posted post-its for Su-jin in every place in their house so she won’t forget things.

8. Su-jin’s letter for Chul-su she said “I love you, I love you, I love only you. I remember only you. I thank god everyday for giving you into my life. You are heaven’s greatest blessing to me.”



Rating: 9
Korean Kimchis out of 10








credits: asianfanatics, yesasia

Music Playing in the Background: Delispice- Go Baek

Saturday, August 27, 2005
Dong Bang Shin Gi Summer 05 Pics in Boracay

Dong Bang Shin Gi Pictures taken in Boracay, Philippines.
I miss this boys! I was really crazy about them last year and I just drop dead over Micky park!
These pictures goes out to Atche Cher who is just beginning to discover and like Hero jae Joong!




























Credits: soompi forums

Music Playing in the Background: Dont Leave- Shin Hye Sung

VJ Jerome of Showbiz Extra

 VJ Jerome of Showbiz Extra


I am absolutely crazy for this one segment host of arirangtv’s Showbiz Extra. He is the segment host of the show. Omg he is even hotter than the people he interviews. I just go gaga over Koreans who can speak impeccably perfect English.


Stuff I got so far about Jerome:

Name: Jerome

Job stints: VJ for MNET, segment host for showbiz extra (extra plus)

Series: The Lawyers

MVs: Did some mvs for mc mong and drunken tiger (I am not so sure, but he ore a lack jacket there, skinhead and he looks absolutely hot!)


Some news on him:


Chung Yeo-won plays Hee-jin in the drama My Lovely Samsoon

Having Korean subtitles pop up during popular television dramas has become an ordinary occurrence these days. Except these are not imported American dramas on cable channels, but rather the latest Korean ones on the nation¡¦s major networks.

In the MBC drama `”Law & Love” which started to air last Monday, new actor Jerome To speaks fluent English. The actor plays Tommy, a Korean residing in the NY, United States. In order to help his lifetime benefactor and lawyer Yoon Sok-ki, he does whatever he can do, legal or otherwise.

English with Korean subtitles is already a part of another MBC drama, the wildly popular ``My Lovely Samsoon,¡¦¡¦ where the story of Henry Kim, a Korean-American doctor who can¡¦t speak Korean, and his patient Hee-jin has been an ongoing subplot since the drama¡¦s debut.

In SBS¡¦ ``Fashion 70s,¡¦¡¦ about the revival of the Korean fashion industry in 1970s, English is spoken in the many scenes in which foreign designers instruct design techniques to designers in Korea. Ju Jin-mo plays the drama¡¦s main character, who frequently speaks in English as the president¡¦s assistant and elite information agent. Lee Hye-young, playing a famous fashion designer, also uses English while holding meetings with foreign designers.

In the early part of the drama, fund manager-turned-actor Kim Joon-sung had a small role as a military interpreter during the Korean War.

``Although Kim¡¦s role in the drama was not that major, he contributed much to the drama not only through acting but also his English skills, as he also proof-read English lines of actors,¡¦¡¦ said Lee Jae-kyu, producer of ``Fashion 70s.
Other recent dramas with English-speaking characters include SBS¡¦ `”Bad Wife” in which Nam Eun-mi uses English to show off her intellect over a contract worker; MBC¡¦s ``The Sad Love Story,¡¦¡¦ in which Lee Kon-woo, a son of a chaebol family who studies abroad; and SBS¡¦ ``Love Story in Harvard,¡¦¡¦ a love story between ambitious Korean students who study at the prestigious American university. The dramas ended in May, March, and January, respectively.




Drunken Tiger's DJ Shine Opens Club Belly


And you thought the only cool place to go clubbing was the Hongdae district in western Seoul. Well, there's news for those out there looking for something other than what's offered in the boy-band and bubble gum pop saturated music scene, as a new hip hop joint opened its doors last Friday night in Apkujong-dong.

The launching party was set to start at 12:30 a.m. but the line started to snake up with hard core clubbers hours before and by midnight the party at the underground club was already in full swing.

Outside, local cable music channel M.Net's wacky and not to mention super-hyper VJ Dr. NO was present jumping all over the place greeting and interviewing celebrity guest list that included names like singers Ku Joon-yup and Sim Tae-yoon, M.Net VJ Jerome, actor Kim Dong-hyun (brother of actress Kim Hye-su), rappers Sean2Slow and Dynamic Duo and the person that made the night possible Drunken Tiger's very own DJ Shine.

Very much aware of the lack of venues for hip hop artists to perform DJ Shine, who the other half of his act Tiger JK, is known to show up wherever and whenever their music is called for.

Opening his own club seemed only natural. ``I wanted to make a friendly environment where people come for the love of music,'' DJ Shine said when The Korea Times caught up with him before the party.

DJ Shine says that he is in not for the money or the fame but in it for one sole purpose _ to spread the love of music. That, the clubbers can take his word for, as the club itself is modestly decorated, not even the size of a small theater and DJ Shine is doing pretty much all the PR himself.

``I'm doing this for what it (music) stands for and fortunately my friends were willing to help all for free. Dynamic Duo's up tonight, Bobby Kim tomorrow and Yang Dong-kun next week, they're all doing it because they all believe in the cause,'' he said.

And as Club Belly's very first guest DJ Shine's buddies _ Dynamic Duo, a hip hop act that started in the underground Hongdae scene but has been lucky enough to garner commercial success upon overground debut, took the stage and fired up the party with latest hit ``Taxi Driver'' and ``Chinjja'' from when the two were part of the now disbanded CB Mass.

``The scene's got potential. But it's still very enclosed you see. For music to go places and bigger better things to pop up onto the scene we got cultivate the many different styles and genres, you know?'' DJ Shine said. ``Through the media is one way but having places like this open is also very important, which is why I'm here tonight,'' he added and also mentioned that a club of the like to open in the Kangnam Station area is currently in the works.

So don't be caught at home on Friday nights warming your sheets, get out there and be part of it. A 10,000-won cover charge will get you in and a free drink. For more information visit


Credits: solid07 forums              


Music Playing in the Background: Just Be My Love- Shinhwa

Friday, August 26, 2005
Lee Dong Gun gets The Pseries


Okay guys, I am posting this up because I was shocked when I saw Lee Don Gunfs casted in this series! gThe Palaceh is such wonderful mangga comic, and months ago; I thought Jo In Sung was casted in it already. In the popcornfor2 profile of Jo In Sung, The Palace as already listed in his profile, so I thought he was really doing the series with Moon Geun Young. Shmuck I really wanted to see how JIS and MGY would do together. This is a storyline for rather light-hearted (wacky to a point) and young couple, so JIS and MGY is a good one. But then ago LDG was already casted in gThe Palaceh so be it.

Oh I as thinking too if this might be the series where JIS, LDG and Kim Tae Hee will be working together? I donft know, KTH was never mentioned so I guess not. Theyfd all three be together in a different one, I reckon.

So Lee Dong Gun will be Prince, they need to find that young wife-to-be. Moon Geun Young would look so young standing next to LDG, coz Ajushi looks older than his age, and acts older than his age too, so I donft knowhow MGY would fairc.find the girl! Aishhhh!! My ramblingscam I driving you nuts already?

Read this news peepsc Aresoh? 


Lee DongGun will be cast as in MBC's next drama (which airs on
Mondays and Tuesdays) <<The Palace>>, which will be aired sometime
around next year. This is his next drama where he'll be cast as the
lead actor. After working on <<Yoo Ri Hwa>> with Kim Ha Neul, Lee Dong
Gun has been resting since then.

<<The Palace>> 's director said:" We have not signed the contract with
Lee Dong Gun yet, but we have already begun the discussion of this
project with him already."

<<The Palace>>, originally a comic book, was awarded the 2000 Seoul
Comic Book Festival Silver Award . The creator of this comic is
–p‘fê¤ Park Soo Hee . The
story is based on a made up story of what will happen when Korea still
has a king which overrules the country. The storyline begins with the
king who is forced to get married by the age
of 17, but he is unable to accept this situation. He wishes to fall in
love with a girl just like everyone else.

Lee Dong Gun will portray a handsome and aristocratic prince in this

credits to @shley of donggunsg & soompi




Music Playing in the Background: Fine Gentlemen- YG Family

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Il Mare: K-movie

Il Mare



Kim Eun-joo (Jeon Ji Yeon)

Han Sung-hyung (Lee Jung-jae)



"Il Mare" is the name of a seafront house where two lovers reside in at two different times. Sung-hyun in 1997 receives a strange letter one day, reminding him to be careful of the snowstorm in 1998. But it is posted in the year 1999. Time travels backward again when Eun-joo sends him a letter of request, asking him to look for her lost cassette recorder at the train station where Sung-hyun finally gets a glimpse of her.


credits to


What I Think:

I have no expectations whatsoever with this movie. I checked out yesasia, I liked it’s cd Il Mare cd inlay, and Lee Jung Jae looks hot (I think he’s in a new movie with Kwon Sang Woo) and people said Jeon Ji Yeon was different in this one, you know you get to a point where you see JJY acting tough all the time, it seems that’s the only role she can do…to tell you the truth I am a bit tired of watching JJY kicking butts, so I thought okay let’s try “Il Mare.” AND I LOVED IT!


Must-watch scenes:

J The intro where they showed shots of “Il Mare” house. The scene was breathtaking. It was just so beautiful.  Sung-hyung (Lee Jung-jae) named the house Il Mare which means sea.

J The first time Sung-hyung and Cola, the dog met. That dog is just sooooooo adorable! That dog just follows him around…awwww so cute!

J The mailbox scene where both of them realized that the main reason why they get their dates mixed up is because of the mailbox! The cinematography was so nice here, the shots just turns around JJY and LJJ—ahh! So beautiful! Both of them are so in love with each other and yet they just cannot seem to meet.

J Where they “met” at the train station! Omg that was wonderful! I thought they cannot see each other or something! Hahah! Lee Jung-jae is quite a looker too I must say.

J The ending! I was thinking both of them have been through so much already, never being able to meet, getting car accidents… it is just wonderful! Ah the ending I like! Wonderful twist! I thought JJY’s letter didn’t work. I was crying already!


In the last few minutes of the movie, I just stare at the screen and my tears just literally fall down… I cannot stop it from falling, I was crying when Han Sung-hyung was hit by a car, so Eun-joo hurried to write him a letter and stop him from dying and getting hit. I cried even harder when Eun-joo could do nothing but pray for him to read the letter on time. And I cried even harder when I saw Sung-hyung walking to Eun-joo to help her bring out her things from the house… her letter just got to him on time! After the zooming out of “Il Mare,” the blue seas and the fade to black I just sat there watching the ending credits roll, I didn't want the movie to end.


I am so dopey when it comes to this past-future thingy. I swear to Buddha! Movies where one person lives in the future and the other is in the past kinda storyline just turns me “Ditto” (Ha Ji Won, Kim Ha Neul), “Sky of Love” (Ken Zhu and Gigi Leung) and Back to the future; I just don’t get it when they start talking about time. Aishhh!


Thanks to “Il Mare” I now have a new oppa discovery of the week! It is Lee jung-jae! He looks a lot like Lee Hyun-woo (Chief of Attic Cat) but Lee jung-jae is the more handsome version of Lee hyun-woo. Hehehe… With lots of scenes in the movie where just the faces of the two leads are just the main focus of camera shots, it is just soooo right that both of them, Lee Jung-jae and Jeon Ji-yeon are good-looking people! They make viewing more pleasurable.


I have to say the closing credits theme song (both the Korean and the English versions of it) is sooooo good; it brings together all the bits and pieces in the story. That song just makes me cry. We need to find that closing song! I love movies of this kind, with a darn good storyline and an even darn good ending!  Oh and I think this is now my favorite Jeon Ji Yeon movie, My Sassy Girl is just second. Just because. J


When I got the summary for “Il Mare” from the credited site, it says “Pusan International Film Festival 1991” I reckon this one was nominated at the said film fest, so this movie is really good.


Rating: 10 Korean Kimchis out of 10

Other Stuff:

Il mare, "A Love Story," is a Korean movie (2000) that is a combination of romance, comedy, suspense and fantasy. It starred Jeon Ji-Hyeon (Sassy Girl; Windstruck) and Lee Jeong-Jae (An Affair; The Last Witness). This masterpiece by Lee Hyeon-Seung is oftentimes compared to the great Japanese hit "Love Letter."

The original Korean title of the movie is "Si Wall Ae" which means "love across time" may give you a hint on the plot: Sung-hyon (Lee Jeong-Jae), living in 1997, receives a letter from the Un-ju (Jeong Ji-Hyeon) who lives in 1999. The two begin their communication across time and gradually, they fall for each other (I cried during some parts of the movie, although I don't know why...).

This intriguing and a bit confusing story will have an American version that would be shown in theaters in the year 2006. It will be starred by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, who just recently signed the contract. Moreover, it will be directed by Alejandro Agresti (Valentin), an Argentinian director.

credits, reposted from




credits: yahoo korea,

Music Playing in the Background: Shining Days- Sunshine of Love OST Track 1

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